BAU Exhibition 2023


Marca&Volta takes part to the BAU Exhibition 2023, the most important architecture exhibition of all Europe!

We bring worldwide sustainability with our fantastic innovative product, Energy Skeen, (idem, con link alla pagina Skeen) that put together high technology and hard manufacture.
Cutting and bending metal sheets we create modular components that might give a good design to standard architecture.
Moreover, we put on the panel we assemble PV glasses or natural green, so that we can produce clean energy for the buildings we cover!
To get in touch with us, surf on our website or reach us directly at BAU Exhibition, we wait for you!


Marca & Volta s.r.l.
Via Borzoli, 29A Nero
16153 Genova (GE)

Per informazioni:
Tel. + 39 010 6001745
Tel. + 39 010 6999951